Telling our Church Family

It’s funny… when you’re about to jump out of a plane your nerves go crazy. You’re not sure if you’re excited, scared, happy or sad. The worst part of it all is the anticipation. Yesterday, as I told my church family what God had been stirring in our hearts (going to SA with Nieu Communities), I began feeling the wind in my face. We’re jumping now.

What is keeping me centered is, surprisingly, my two year old. Ezra is fearless. When he just started learning to walk, he would intentionally fall down on the floor face first and laugh about it for a while. Eventually, he discovered how to climb up on the couch and JUMP onto the floor, laughing all the while. Recently, he conquered a new feat…he climbed on the back of the couch and did a face dive into a pillow about 4 feet off the ground. When he’s done, he turns and says “your turn.” He knows he’s protected and all his needs will be met. What kind of fear lives inside of my son? The only fear he has is in disappointing his mom and dad. Other than that, he knows we will support him in every way possible. My son takes me closer to Jesus… every time I look at him, I see the face of my father saying “you can do it, and I’ll pick you up if you fall funny.”

Your turn to jump!


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