The other night I went downstairs in our living room to pray.  I often pray for my family at night when they’re in bed and I’m still up doing homework, but this night was unique.  I’ve been struggling internally trying to understand what God is trying to teach me in the fund raising process.  Then the word came loud and clear, “PROVIDER”.  I sensed God telling me, “I am the Provider of this home.  I have always been and will always be the Provider here.  On your knees is the position you must maintain.  This is your role.”

That’s a hard word to hear for me.  I’m ingrained with a DNA that says I have to work extra hard to achieve more.  But what God was teaching me in that moment was while there are things I have to do in this process, He is the one who will provide, and that I should not fear in inviting our friends and family to join us in support.  If anything, I should have that much more confidence because God is the one who has birthed this vision, not me.  This is an exciting vision, this Nieu Communities ministry.  Welcome to the adventure… would you care to join in?  (if so, click HERE and let’s party!)


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