Being Sent

Yesterday (April 6), Natalie and I spoke at Bethel Assembly of God in Huntington. You may ask “why were YOU at a charismatic/slightly Pentecostal church?” Good question, and the answer is beautiful.
About a year ago, I met the pastor of church, John, at a luncheon for the area pastors in Huntington. I’ve come to love the men and women who serve the kingdom in this little town very much. I don’t always agree with some of the methods I see, but at the end of the day, I’d stand behind any of them. John introduced me to his church as a kindred spirit who, while we don’t see eye to eye theologically, we are brothers who are after the same ends.
At the end of the service, they brought us back up to the front, and lay hands on us and sent us out. The more we do this traveling church gig, the more sent I feel. It’s as if God didn’t think it was enough to have us only sent by the church we’ve worked in most intimately, but rather, that the church of Huntington should send us out. We have a few more churches to speak in, and then have our official commissioning service at Life on May 18th. God’s really taking us through to the end and we’re incredibly jazzed as we move on.


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