Saturday was my birthday (thanks for all the messages and phone calls… yes, even the singing in my voice mail… that was special too Aaron!).  Birthdays aren’t that big deal for me really, but thought this was interesting and worth sharing.  One of my friends wrote “another year closer to death” in an email to me.  I thought that was pretty profound, perhaps rude in some ways, perhaps creepy in others… but I’ll go with profound.  I think every year of my life since being invited in relationship with Jesus I’m discovering more and more what it means to be dead to my comfort and my desires, only to discover that in walking closer with Jesus, I discover new desires and comforts.  They just look different than the worlds’ set of stuff.  Definitely don’t have this sorted out yet though… but the more I walk in community with others and with God, I think it comes in stride.

Here’s to one year closer to death!  May we all find ultimate death to this world stuff and some amazing life stuff in Jesus more and more!


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