the Hard Run

Saturday, my brother Gabe got married. We love Libby (his wife). She’s so perfect for him, and we’ve been stoked about this day for such a long time. The ceremony just rocked. The part I want to share with you all though, was a hard part for me personally as I realized what I am asking from my kids.

Ezra was the ring bearer. And if you know Ezra, he doesn’t do anything fun by walking. It’s an all out sprint or nothing. As I stood up at the front, I looked at the door where Ezra was coming out. Natalie and my aunt Barb were holding him back. It reminded me of those horses before the big race. As soon as they said go, he FLEW down the aisle and grabbed his uncle Gabe. The look on his face broke my heart. He wouldn’t let go and had that sad look goin on. How do I take my kids away from this relationship? How do I explain why uncle Gabe and uncle Ben are really far away and it’s because God told us to go somewhere? And what’s just as hard is how do I do this to my family who loves us and the kids so much?

I shared this story at Life today, and almost lost it again. The way we do it though, as I shared, is by recognizing that Jesus is with us to the end of the age. In Matthew 28, that great commission lasted 3 sentences. The first part, Jesus tells us that he’s got all the authority in heaven and on earth. That’s pretty huge considering he had just been executed by earthly authority… he willingly laid down his life for us… not tapping into all that authority UNTIL HE FINISHED HIS MISSION (Philippians 2 stuff). And this all power Jesus… in the third sentence of that commission said “I’m with you always”. So we go. We run hard like Ezra ran down that aisle. We hold nothing back because while that relationship with his uncle means more to him than the world, and this is the hardest thing he will ever do, I want Ezra to experience the ALL POWER Jesus ALWAYS with him. No better life than this for my kids.

Gabe… I love you… we all love you. Here’s to an amazing life with your perfect wife. We love you Libby!


2 thoughts on “the Hard Run

  1. made me cry man! I appreciate the words so much and that was such an awesome part of that day. It’s hard to imagine you guys gone and not seeing the kids grow up…but know that you are doing what God designed for your life. When I think about it, it’s hard to be away from you guys, but knowing you’re fulfilling a higher calling makes it all so worth it and when we see each other again, it will be incredible. I love you man…thanks again for everything and being so much more than a brother.

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