Sheep Style

I gave my last message to Life Church yesterday as one of their pastors. The message was followed by a time of commissioning where the folks we have come to love and care so deeply for gathered around us and prayed over us. Throughout the course of the service, I had some thoughts going through my head and heart that I thought I should share with all.

-My daughter is beautiful (we did her dedication yesterday too). She is so precious to me and already has me wrapped around her finger with that perfect smile.

-My wife is my backbone. The last two weeks before I’ve shared, Natalie is right next to me. We put together a video with some facts and figures about South Africa, and while that video played, I just felt peace as I rested my arm on her shoulder. Can’t stand without her.

-Before I got up to speak yesterday, as I was praying for the people there, I sensed Jesus just whispering “point them to me”. That was HUGE because I already was sensing that things had shifted focus off of him. I hope I was obedient.

-If we never leave, no one is ever stretched. If we never stretch, we never grow.

-I really REALLY like pulled pork (the lunch the church had for us afterwards)

-It may be harder to explain to people why you’re leaving when there’s not a problem at the core of your reasoning. Or maybe when we understand God’s calling, it eases some of that

-I have friends for life… and my family is huge.

-My immediate family (including all of Natalie’s family) are really important to us and we’re blessed by the care they’ve shown us in the last 6 months.

There was a lot more… every time someone spoke to me, I had lots of thoughts going through my mind. But all in all, it was a good day, and felt like we finished well what we started.


One thought on “Sheep Style

  1. Joe & Natalie,

    I’m looking forward to following your journey as it moves to South Africa.

    I hear the whispered, “point them to me” often.


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