More Zimbabwe Stuff

I received an article in my email tonight about the crime happening near the Jo-Burg airport. Apparently there has been a lot of crime in the area due to the influx in immigration into South Africa. Much of this lately has stemmed from the situations in Zimbabwe. There are many questions swirling in people’s minds, so let me try and address some concerns here.

Are you going to be safe?

  • I realize no one wants a spiritual answer to this one, but here it is anyway. Jesus holds the universe in the palm of His hands… that doesn’t mean we’ll be acting foolishly, but it does mean that He’s in control of this stuff.
  • Our family is as safe in Huntington as we would be anywhere else… Are any of us truly safe? I mean, there’s about 400 child molesters in Huntington County… so which is worse?
  • We’re not coming to South Africa to take away from the SA economy, we’ll be benefiting it by spending US dollars on food and supplies. From my state-side estimate, I would imagine this is a lot of the issue surrounding the crime

What Needs to Be Done?

  • From what I can gather (through reading my friends’ blogs), the church in the most part, is really stepping up to the plate in terms of care for the refugees (on top of continued support of other issues withing SA). So more workers in the care I imagine needs to happen!
  • Give away your economic stimulus package for relief work. Nieu Communities has a special fund for such massive projects as this one. If you have much, give much… check out this link and give away your economic stimulus package. If you do give, please email Arthur with the amount given and note that it is for the Zimbabwe relief work so it will be spent accordingly
  • Tell everyone about Zimbabwe. Spread the news like it’s your job.

What is Nieu Communities Currently doing? (answer taken from Arthur’s blog)

  • connecting with, learning from, and sharing resources with like-hearted people around us, especially in Pretoria
  • helping others understand the reality of these refugees, knowing their stories, knowing their names
    opening our home for refugees
  • asking everyone to consider housing refugees – providing safe and caring environments – Church, here’s an opportunity to love
  • praying for peace in Zim and for God to care for all of those in need

I hope this alleviates some stress our friends and family may feel as they learn more about what is happening in South Africa. Please feel free to email us if you have questions about any of this. We will do our best to answer with our limited information at this time.


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