Jazz & Adaption

Some of you know of my amateurish love for jazz.  I love listening to and playing jazz (my buddy Chris and I recorded some stuff, but we don’t like it very much.  I may post it anyway if we can ever mix it down to a semi-likeable form).  But what I love most about jazz is its impromptu responses shared between the community of musicians playing.  Sometimes, adjusting to the other is frustrating because you see a more preferred way to go, but you adapt because it’s a communal music we’re writing.  Sometimes all you want to do is play the support role, and that’s acceptable, sometimes necessary, but not always for good.  Sometimes you gotta just let that drum role baby!

This is just something God’s been speaking to me lately (could be contributed the Thelonious Monk albums I’ve been listening to as I write papers for class…).  We have to view our lives in terms of impromptu.  I can schedule my week, live rigidly by that schedule, and miss some stuff God has right in front of me.  I can assume I have the preferred way of life and take the lead on all things, but what ends up happening is we miss the mosaic, the beauty of the music… the art of life as it were.  So God’s been speaking to lean into the rhythm and life of the other… all those around me… both here while we finish up our time in the States, and over there as we spend more time in communication with Nieu Communities folks.  Lean into the music and allow it to proceed as it comes… lean, flex, emphasize, support.  Playing the music of our souls… living the life of the beloved in connection with all.


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