I’ve been trying to blog about this for a few days now, but didn’t know how to put it.  So here’s my feeble attempt…

Had a few conversations with various people I highly respect this week around this idea of sowing and harvesting.  We as a culture in America are obsessed with produced material.  We want to see a harvest reaped in every ministry or we pull it out of our church rosters.  But here’s the nitty gritty as I see it.  Some of the most important ministry that was ever done into my life was through the course of people sowing seeds into me.  My testimony of coming to Jesus has several names attached (Greg, Mark, mom, dad, Barb, Roger, etc…) BUT, my process of becoming more like Jesus has an even longer list (who I started naming, but literally got past 30 people and felt like I was going to miss someone, so I deleted it and will just say, “a lot of you”).

Here’s the deal.  The guy that led me to Christ was Greg, my junior high youth pastor.  But Greg didn’t do anything magical.  The 20 people leading up to my encounter with him that one day in June, 13 years ago sowing into me, along with the Holy Spirit opening my eyes made that moment possible.

This post is more for some friends who don’t think they’re very successful.  It’s for you whom I’ve talked with this week who know who you are, and have had significant impact into my life.  If you didn’t sow into me, I’d never have met Jesus and come to love him so deeply.  You’re more successful than you’ll ever know.  NEVER STOP.  Harvest isn’t the mark of success, obedience is.  You have been obedient in sowing into me as Jesus tells you to.  Please continue listening and obeying that… the kingdom needs obedient sowers.  Harvesters are just at the end of the process.


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