spiritual reflections on suitcases

Tonight is our last night in the States, so I’ve been pretty reflective all day.  Tonight, as we were looking at our suitcases, repacking stuff, taking things out, etc… I realized some things that are pretty profound for me.

  1. We have too much.
  2. My wife is incredible… how she can manage to fit our lives into 7 suitcases is beyond me, but she did it.  I don’t take it lightly that she carries the calling as much (if not more) than I do for South Africa.  Without her, none of this would happen.  She’s crucial.
  3. Our kids are the joy of my life.  As I was going through taking batteries out of their toys (fear that the airport security would hear Ezra’s toys making funny explosion noises and get the wrong idea), I was thinking how crucial they are in my own walk, and how crucial they are to the calling as well.
  4. We have all we need.  Got an email from the folks at Nieu Communities telling us that our fridge there will be stocked, and we have meals coming every night next week.  I’m telling you, the love that has been poured out from them over the last 6 months has made this transition so much easier.

12 hours and counting.


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