When His People Pray

Yesterday, I emailed my monthly email group a prayer update about several things.  One of those was our car situation.  I spent much of yesterday afternoon in prayer as well about finding something reliable, good, relatively cheap, etc… and this morning, ran into a friend of our community, Petro.  Her husband Christo is a mechanic and helps the folks around Pangani with their cars.  One of Christo’s friends had a nice station wagon (better gas mileage than a big van/truck option) and Christo thought of us when it was dropped off at his shop.  I drove it around, it’s in great shape, and he saved me another huge afternoon walking the streets again!!!

So I think I’ve underestimated prayer.  Not that prayer is about getting us stuff we want faster, but it’s as if God knew that mentally, I couldn’t have another day like yesterday this early into our stint here.  On top of the car, the kids remarkably had a better day as well (another prayer point from our email last night).  It was like a switch flipped.  Next, (another point), is that Nat and I figured out how our weeks may look in terms of getting both of us equally involved in the happenings around the community.  Thanks to all of you who have prayed with us in the last 24 hours.  They were all answered!!!


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