routine – complacency – certain death

I was emailing back and forth last week with a very dear friend of mine back in the States. He made the comment that he’s tired of seeing churches become routine. That really resonated with me because I’ve seen it as well. It’s so easy to get into the church schedule and start functioning roboticly week after week. Eventually, we start becoming complacent about the needs in our community (despite the best efforts of the enthusiastic preacher to spur us on), and then mission stops all together in our contexts! What’s the point then?

So then I ask, “what’s another way?” Another way involves three elements I think. These elements push me towards the main goal “FOLLOWING GOD IN THE WAY OF JESUS”. These elements are communion, community and mission. In my communion with God, I become capable of loving and serving those in my faith community. In my faith community I am known deeply, am held accountable for my communion and mission, and am called to a deeper way of living (the way of Jesus). My mission flows out of this dynamic relationship, and surrounding communities are impacted with the gospel.

How can we create space for this to happen in our current contexts?


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