Over the weekend, I (Joe) had this amazing privilege of attending a two day training on the 4-Mat model for teaching.  4-Mat is the model Nieu Communities uses in training.  I have to say “WHERE WAS THIS WHEN WE WERE GROWING UP???”  I came to realize why I struggled so much through school… my learning style was rarely (if ever) fully tapped into.  There were those teachers who really “got me” and generated great growth in me (these are people whom I still stay in contact with who have greatly influenced my life beyond the classroom).

Something else I realized in this training was that in leadership, we’d often get frustrated when people weren’t “getting it”.  For me, it was always that “I wish you could see what I see so your life could fully bloom”… never understood why I didn’t always connect with the ENTIRE congregation.

So I blog this for my friends in ministries who still wrestle through these things… perhaps we need to rethink our teaching strategies!!!  Not necessarily our full blown models of how we do church… leave that for the long term planning.  I think we could really benefit from how we teach to the entire body of our churches.  Don’t miss anyone!!!


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