Andrew (post 2 of 2 for tonight)

Tonight at the prayer guide training (which by the way, I think will be a very awesome asset to our community), I had the unique privilege of having some nuns speak into my life. (side note: I’m the youngest person there by at least 15 years and I’m the only one who is not Catholic or Anglican). During the week, we were to work through an exercise called Gospel Contemplation. It’s similar to a Lectio, but it centers around a particular story of Jesus whereby the participant actually imagines themselves into the story. Before you worry too much about this, it’s an ancient practice of the church that we’ve simply just walked away from.

The story we used was the calling of Peter and Andrew by Jesus. I identified with Andrew. In my reflection of this exercise, I wrote a letter that I sensed Jesus saying to me (as well as to Andrew) through the story. To spare you from the length of it, I will pull out one line, “don’t worry about the next steps, or the strategic plans… just put down what you’re doing, and be here with me now.” As I shared this with the nuns, they came back with a powerful word…

“There is power in resting in the present. Jesus doesn’t call us to sort out the long term, He calls us to sort out our obedience!” You really can’t understand the freedom I found in those words until you’ve come through the three month struggle I’ve recently been in. The question of “can’t I do this anywhere” really is a request to give up on difficult assignments. Jesus called us here… NOW. I have no idea what’s coming up. I have no idea 100% of why He wants us here doing these things. All I know is that we’re here, and now is the difficult task of trusting every day that He is guiding us in mission.


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