fight or flight?

I had an interesting conversation tonight with some friends in Pretoria East.  Not getting into ALL of the details of the evening, one of the things that came out was the question of why the many South Africans seem to be fleeing for brighter futures in other countries (mostly to Australia).  I don’t know all of the thinking that goes on behind this, but they helped me put together a thought I had been chewing on (something I’m considering preaching on in the States in December at a church near you!)…

God, in all His splendor, saw it fit to infuse himself into the hectic world on earth in the lowliest of forms.  He stripped off all of his royalty to be amongst the least of us.  He brought with him the message “the kingdom is at hand… repent and take part in it!”  This hope-filled message was seeping from his lips, all the while, never having a place to call home.  So how shall we respond to the crises we face?  Shall we flee for the preferred lives that we THINK may be across the oceans, or should we incarnate ourselves into the lowliest of places?  This has implications for both my American friends and South African friends.


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