as we come back… how you can help

I’ve had some email from folks about how they can help when we come back.  I’m a bit overwhelmed about all the people we really want to spend time with and catch up with, but realize that time may not allow it.  But here’s a few things to keep in mind as we prepare to fly back this Sunday…

1.  Food… we’ll have a handful of nights available through the week to catch up with folks, and since we’re staying with other people, it’d be easier if we could come out to your place to catch up.  We’ll post our new cell numbers on here (thanks to our friend Matt for the amazing hook up!) when we get them set up.  So just call us up and let’s set something up.  Keep in mind, we’re going to be saving a few nights for just the family taking me into number 2…

2.  This is a more “awareness” thing… but we’re hoping to protect the kids from the influx of people we are going to be seeing.  My (Joe) primary concern is seeing that the kids stay healthy and feel secure while we’re traveling around.  So I apologize up front for those who won’t get to see them.  They’re going to be very limited with their time and exposure.

3.  Travel stuff.  As we look at our first two weeks in Huntington (directly after Thanksgiving), Natalie and I will be spreading ourselves out quite a bit.  If anyone has a spare car they’d be keen to letting me (Joe) borrow, that would help us out a lot.

4.  Funding.  We only need to get another $1400 per month to get back to South Africa, so if you could help us reach that goal by joining our financial team, it’d be a great help.  Please click here to join our team!

5.  Last but not least, tell us about your last several months.  We never tire of hearing from our friends what’s been going on.  Please don’t think we’re too busy to hear about it… that’s the most exciting part about coming back for us!

see you in a few hours!


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