What Gets Us Excited part 4 – my friend Travis

Around the end of July, my good friend Travis met Jesus and his life changed forever.  When he met a refugee named Simon, he was introduced to the hectic world one faces as a refugee living in South Africa.  Simon’s family was still back home.  He had run out of money.  He was trying to find a way to stay in school so that he could be presented with a job that would sustain him and his family.  Simon had it hard, and Travis had new eyes to see how he could help.

I really believe that when a person meets Jesus, their perspective on the world changes.  Travis is an example of why I believe that.  The week after we left South Africa, he hosted an art show to both produce awareness of the issues surrounding refugees in South Africa as well raise funds for Simon’s education.  I got an email the other week that said over two hundred people showed up for the show and it was an incredible success.

Travis is a person of incredible influence in his community.  We get really excited that we get to be around people with such vision and passion.  And it’s our honor to give him our support in launching new ministries and sustaining them in the city.  Travis is another example of why we’re excited to get back.  His story is one of several that give us hope for the city… God is stirring up the hearts of His people, and He has big plans for the future of His church there.


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