Christmas Eve in the States

I’ve lost track of hillarious comments made by Ezra in the past few weeks.  Most of them center around Christmas, Jesus being either a pirate  or a lion (either of which I find highly hillarious).  But last week’s experienced topped it off for me.  We were visiting Hope Missionary Church in Bluffton, Indiana for their Christmas Eve service.  Natalie’s sister was singing in it.  Upon arrival, I took Ezra to a classroom where I THOUGHT they’d have child care or some kind of play time thing for him.  After Natalie dropped Keziah off in the nursery, we went into the sanctuary together.  What awaited us is the hilight of our Christmas season so far.

Up on the stage, I looked, and there in the front row of a choir of children was my son!!!  Apparently I dropped him off at the rehersal room for part of the service!  So there was Ezra, in a crowd of children he has never met, standing in front of 400 people, singing songs he’s never heard before, and dancing dances he never learned.  Of course, Natalie and I were laughing hysterically. But he was loving it!  I was so glad it was Ezra and not someone else!  Not sure too many kids can pull off the random, up in front of a large crowd, goof off and be cute thing quite like him.

Merry Christmas from the Reeds!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Eve in the States

  1. Joe & Natalie, that is HILARIOUS! CUOL. Cracking up out loud. :o) Merry Christmas, and still hoping to find a way to see y’all in January!

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