Skype Update with South Africa

Yesterday, I had the extreme privilege of talking with my friend Hougaard over Skype. Skype is one of the greatest inventions in telecommunication. I was able to call his landline for $.10 per minute. Had he been online, we could have spoken for free!

It was refreshing to hear his voice, but I have to be honest, it made me quite homesick (part of why I’ve avoided calling my friends there while we’ve been in the States). He and his wife, Marelie, began rattling off the various things they wanted to donate to our new home once we found it. They told me (as did my friend Pierre last week), that several others have piles of items for our new home… anxiously awaiting us to get back.

As I continued to speak with Hougaard, he revealed quite a lot of his heart: the struggles he and his family have gone through, the joys, the frustrations, but more… his ever increasing freedom that he finds in Christ and the community of believers there. God is taking my friends and shaping them into beautiful vessels. Our email correspondences have only scratched the surface of that growth, and yesterday’s phone call made it that much more clear: GOD IS BUSY AT WORK. I write this now, praying that we can return in 2 weeks time. Please continue to pray as we continue to raise funds and tie up loose ends before getting back to our new home.


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