a few thoughts on our process…part 2

For those who follow our blog often, you would remember a post entitled “open doors”.  In that post I discussed how God opened up the door of a denomination to potentially fill in the gaps for us.  As I write this now, I don’t know if that will happen or not, but it was one example of how God answered my cries that night.  It was unexplainable… unpredictable… something only God could do.

Then it happened.  I received a handful of online donation reports that put us at our 75% funding mark… WE COULD LEAVE!!!

I had an interesting discussion once with a pastor friend of mine.  During the course of that discussion I thanked them for being part of our ministry, and wanted to make sure they understood that every story we shared, they had a stake in it.  They humbly didn’t quite buy that.  But it’s true.  Those of you who have spent time in dialog with us about our work, prayed with us, for us, helped fund us, given us rides and meals, you are our church family.  You have a stake in every story we share, and we share it with you because its all of ours.  It’s the story of our friends there and the friends we leave here.  We are the church… the bride of Jesus… and our stories our all connected.  We have ownership in them together.  Some of us go, some of us send, some of us receive.  It’s the economy of God that brings the change the world needs.  Thank you for all the ways you have been the hands and feet of Jesus.  The lives of me and my family will never be the same because we know you.


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