worry & doubt: final words to our friends in the States

Most of you who read this blog know me (Joe) pretty well.  You know that from time to time, I have a tendency to worry and doubt when things just don’t seem to be working out.  My friend Chris talked to me on the phone the other week about all that God has done for us in the last few months, and asked me “so do you think all that worrying and doubting you did is what created all this amazing stuff from your final weeks here?”  Of course he was helping point me back to the reality that I always knew in my head but never let sink into my heart: “MY GOD OWNS ALL THE CATTLE ON ALL THE HILLS” (abbreviated from Psalm 50:10).

It’s funny.  My aunt told me this verse over the phone once when we first got home, and it’s coming back full circle now.  It’s funny how God seems to work things out in the final hours isn’t it?  And it’s funny how we never really trust it will come through how we need it to (we’re flying out with less than 100% of our funding in, but we can eat and pay our rent!).  God did miracles while we were home.  We have had the amazing privilege of sitting front row in seeing how He has been working down the lines of each one of our friends and family.

I know the economy is scary now.  I know jobs are getting cut left and right.  But that’s not the system we live by.  Fear is not the system of grace, it’s the enemy of it.  May you come to see the ways God is working in your midst the way we have witnessed it as we’ve met with you.  Sometimes, you can’t even see it when you’re in the middle of things.  He’s working things out… he’s refining us, like pure gold.  But that never comes easily.  May your faith increase and abound all the more.  We love you all, and we will talk with you next from across the ocean.


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