Quick Update

I wanted to throw out a quick update on things since we’ve been back now for 48 hours. There’s a lot of fronts to update on, so I’ll go bullet point on this.

1. Ezra’s not sleeping hardly at all yet, which means, neither are we! I’m going to start setting an alarm tomorrow to get myself adjusted so I can help Natalie more.
2. We’ve had a few leads on houses, but one fell through today. There’s one that looks really really nice, but it may be out of price range. Otherwise, there’s not a lot on the market as I had thought there might be.
3. This weekend we’re going to be spending a lot more time with our team reconnecting and hopefully I can get back into a pseudo rhythm in the weeks ahead.
4. We have some very good friends whose babies are getting dedicated this weekend at 3rd Place (one of the churches I’ve connected with). We’re REALLY excited to be with them again for this time in their lives.

sorry it’s not as exciting this time. I think these first couple of weeks, blog postings will be hard to get to as I try to navigate everything that’s going on now. Feel free to email and update us with how you’re doing as well. We love the quick notes!


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