a very unique privledge

If you are at all familiar with the study of missions, you have probably heard of the late David Bosch’s foundational work “Transforming Mission”. Written just prior to his tragic death in 1992, “Transforming Mission” was far before its time, still influencing missionary efforts all over the world. It’s a book that I’ve been wanting to get into for some time, but haven’t had the chance due to the massivity of it. It’s not a quick or easy read.

Well this coming month, I have the unique privilege of holding myself accountable to not only reading the book, but LEARNING the book with some of South Africa’s up and coming church leaders. Not only that, but none other than the Mrs. Annemie Bosch (David Bosch’s widow) will be joining us as well. I’ll be joining this group (meeting once a month for discussion on the assigned chapters) with my teammate, Arthur Stewart. It will indeed be a very special opportunity that will help shape much of what we do at Nieu Communities and in the surrounding Pretoria area.


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