Update on the Kids

For the last few months, Natalie and I have been wrestling with a few issues on how to better serve Ezra and Keziah.  The problem for them is that they are the youngest kids in our community.  After our site director, Arthur, leaves at the end of the year, they will be the youngest by over 6 years.  That’s just not going to be healthy for them in the long run.  Along with that, they NEED relationships with other kids.  I think every kid needs that, but it seems especially true for our two.

But we struggled with what to do.  When do you start Ezra in school?  Is Keziah going to be okay in a day care setting?  What will be most beneficial for them in their development right now?  These were some of the questions we wrestled with.

We think the answer has now come!

About a 5 minute drive from our new home, we found a day care that feels really really good.  Actually, Ezra told me yesterday that he wants to live there, so I guess you can’t go wrong with that!  It’s a relatively new one, but has a GREAT teacher to kid ratio (1:5).  They will go two days a week for about 4 hours each time.  In that 4 hours, they will be fed twice, read a Bible story in Afrikaans AND English (what a rad way to learn the language!), play to their hearts’ content, and make TONS of great new friends.  All things our kids desperately need to be healthy here.  On top of that, it will allow Natalie to be more involved in things at Nieu Communities and give her space for herself more, which is a constant effort on my part to provide for her.

Starting next Tuesday, we’re 99% sure we’re going to be taking them over!  We’re really nervous/excited/can’t believe our baby boy is almost 4 and going to school/etc… We’ve really appreciated the prayers on that end of this and would really appreciate more prayer as we move into this phase of our lives.  So would you please continue to join us especially in praying that the kids would make great friendships and would be fulfilled in ways we can’t provide for them on our own?  We appreciate all your love and support and please… PLEASE keep us informed on how we too can join you and your family in prayer!  We pray often through our list of contacts, and it’d be great to have updates so we can pray more accurately!

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