The Impact of Our Friends part 1

The next two blog posts are explicitly about two of my pastoral-type friends here in the Pretoria/Johannesburg areas. I want to give you these updates because both of them are working towards monumental areas in the kingdom and it’s important for you to meet who we’re work with outside of our Nieu Communities responsibilities.

First, I would like to re-introduce you to my friend Pierre du Plessis. Pierre is the founding pastor of the church 3rd Place. In the last three years, Pierre and his team have negotiated their way into the most unreached people group in Pretoria East and created space for them to explore Christianity in very deep and meaningful ways. I have the privilege of adapting some of our Nieu Communities rhythm into their fabric as they move towards expanding their efforts across the entire city and surrounding townships.

Recently, Pierre and his wife Rialette made a decision that bi-vocational ministry was not allowing them the time necessary to make the kind of impact they feel God moving them towards. This, coupled with the fact that many of those who would call 3rd Place their home are “starving artists” of sorts. There are very few who have full time employment, but very many that need more attention than any of the team or myself could offer. Pierre is the man for the job.

Over the weekend, Pierre sent me his support letter and I told him I would pass it along to my American friends. While we realize times are tough, and we are also still busy trying to raise the rest of our support, we put this out in faith because we highly believe in the calling of our friend for this ministry. They are doing things no one else in Pretoria is doing and they are seeing God move dramatically as a result. It’s my privilege to post this letter on our blog.

To view Pierre & Rialette’s letter, please click here.


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