Learning to Stop

Having Natalie gone for the weekend makes me stop. It’s good because if it weren’t for her leaving, I would never stop. It’s truly a sin that I’ve been confronted in recently and will continue to work hard on.

My kids are teaching me the definition of “sabbath”. It’s good to be forced to slow.

The morning started off with a “chase scene” in our pajamas. Keziah chased me and Ezra around the house while growling at us! It was hilarious. At one point, I did get video of this, so I hope to get that put up sometime soon. Then our breakfast conversation centered around me explaining to Ezra the difference between Batman and Superman. (He’s more of a batman fan I think… or maybe Spiderman, he didn’t make it into the conversation).

Tonight we hosted the men of Nieu Communities (and my good friend Melissa who didn’t go on the trip) over for a braai in honor of my friend and teammate Bryan (whose birthday is today). Ezra picked out the cake (a marvel comics cake) and we just enjoyed the night around the braai!

tomorrow… I have a feeling ice cream will be involved as well as a visit to the park down the street!


One thought on “Learning to Stop

  1. I loved those days with our children. Now Eric & Sarah are having those days with our grandkids.
    Thanks for sharing.

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