May Day Updates

I realize it’s been a week since I updated our blog.  For some, that may be welcomed, for others, you may be curious what’s been happening.  So welcome to a brief update on what we’ve been up to as well as a look at some of how we’re processing what is in front of us.

1.  Natalie was in Durban for 5 days with the women of our community.  That does a lot of things relationally for them, creates space for me to slow down and enjoy the kids more than I normally get to, and also creates a longer email & to do list after 5 days of only sort of being able to look at those things.
2.  I learned that freshly made lemonade from our lemon tree is the best thing in the world.  More enticement to get people to come visit us!
3.  I am learning how to use our camera’s features so we can get better shots of things happening around here.  We’re beginning to work on our next major update hopefully to be done by the middle to end of May.
4.  I’m working on some thoughts that I could blog on more later, but basically… in community, we find so many hard things to deal with.  Yet I have found over the years that when we’re dealing with those hard things, we rarely (if ever) celebrate the successes we HAVE had.  Rather we continue looking for the “next thing to fix”.  Problem is, there’s a never ending list of that!  more on this later maybe.

and finally…drum roll please…

click here for updated pictures
click here for pigeon flight video (this is weird stuff, happens 3 times a day now!)
click here for a workout video with Ezra

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