learning from my community

I once heard someone say that the things you observe about a person’s behavior always come from somewhere.  In other words, the reaction a person has is actually stemming from another situation or hurt in their lives.

That’s pretty true for me.  When I’ve just been in the middle of correcting the kids’ bad behavior, I’m rarely in a good place after that.  I tend to be snappy and rude with people from that place.

I’m catching myself slowly but surely, NOT give people that benefit of the doubt.  I often see what is in front of me as the core of the person’s problem, but it never is. Sometimes I can be that person who helps bring healing to the core of the issue, but often times I’m not that person.  My place is more often found in being the giver of grace.  I’m not always good at that.  It’s the constant battle for living out of grace and being one who gives that grace away freely.

All of this comes from some things I’ve been observing about my interaction with our community as a whole.  It blows my mind how much God reveals about yourself in light of community living!


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