Update on the Kid’s Schooling Situation

I’m not sure how much I’ve let everyone in on our situation with the kids’ school fiascos.  We were really frustrated after continually picking Keziah up having a diaper overloaded having never been changed, the kids sitting by themselves while the teachers huddled in the corner, etc… so we decided a few weeks ago to move them.  We found a school we liked with a good teacher to student ratio, so we enrolled them over there.  On the FIRST DAY at this new school, we went to get them, and Keziah had a HUGE bruise on her eye and a cut up chin.  When Natalie asked about it, they informed her that “this didn’t happen here”.  After Natalie got over the shock of being lied to, she told the head principle.  Basically, it all fell on deaf ears.  So back to the drawing board…

Someone then informed us of a newer school only 2 blocks from Pangani.  So this past Wednesday and then again today, Natalie went to check this place out.  On Wednesday, she sat through a good few hours of their day to see how the teacher would interact with them.  They only have 7 kids (if we enroll Ezra there) and will only ever take on 10.  The teacher is INCREDIBLE (I saw for myself today).  She gives a lot of hands on instruction, and is always with the entire group of children.  We feel really good about it, so we’re considering enrolling him there on Monday.  Unfortuneately, Keziah is 4 months too young to be part of it, so we’ll be keeping her with us until her birthday in October.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we keep a close eye on this situation.  We really don’t want to keep changing this up on Ezra, but it’s a pretty fragile time in his life.  We want to make sure he’ll be safe as he’s learning.


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