Oreo Cookies and Mission (part 4 of 4) – why the Holy Spirit?

For me, this is always the tricky part of the conversation.  I have always believed that the Holy Spirit is real and that it gives me gifts to do the work of God.  I’ve taken all the “spiritual gifts inventories” and have seen my “top gifts” at work in my life and ministry.  But for me, I’ve struggled to see how that’s any different than my personality type and natural ability.  But this understanding is growing (note – I feel like I have a lot to learn and understand in this aspect of my faith… I don’t claim any major knowledge on this subject).

The longer I’ve been in ministry, the more I realize one thing: I’m a small small man with small small dreams (though some who have served with me may say contrary!).  God has invited me to open up my heart and my mind to let Him come in and be the Lord of my dreams.  We’re all in process of letting Jesus become the Lord of all the parts of us… well this season of my life, it’s the dream sector of Joe.  So I’ve been asking God why he’d want to reside there now more specifically.  I have some answers, which, funny enough, have come from my “love filled community” component of mission!

God wants to reside here now because He is opening up Nieu Communities and CRM to things we never dreamed about as a ministry.  He’s giving these same dreams to people we’re in relationship with in SA and it looks like He’s setting up an AMAZING partnership with those people.  What could come out of all that?  I think more than I can write about right now.  As a community and as friends in conversation, we feel like God is stirring up some really big things and we’re excited to explore possibilities together.

When the Holy Spirit initiates, it guides.  Where it guides, it empowers.  Where it empowers, it sustains.


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