Introduction to Something HUGE

For the last month or so, I have entered into a rather interesting conversation with a friend of ours’ named Maxie. Maxie works for one of the largest churches in the country (Moreleta Park Church). Her role is in their outreach division. Recently, we have been exploring ways that Nieu Communities and their ministry (called “Pure Hope”) could partner together. As we had been sharing our similarities and differences, we found some gaping holes in both organizations that the other one fills out of their natural strengths.

This week, we begin to explore so of that! On Monday, myself, at least one of our apprentices, and possibly one of my teammates will be journeying out to Mabopane (a township near Pretoria) to see what it might look like to start this journey with the Pure Hope team.

Our hope has long term and wide reaching implications, many of which I have yet to really understand. This has been one of those things where Natalie and I really enjoy our friend Maxie and we figured we’d just follow the relational lines and support her in what she’s doing as much as we can. From the surface, we have a pretty clear view of some deep waters we are really pumped to explore. God’s got some plans in SA… these opportunities are endless!


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