First off, I have to make a really embarrassing correction to a previous post.  I misunderstood the barista’s name (at the coffee shop by 3rd Place Church).  I heard him say “Fizzle” but actually, it’s “Sifiso”.  My bad buddy!

Last night, I was meeting my friend Leon for coffee at said coffee shop before we had an excellent night of dialog around submerging into relationship with God and with one another.  The music was dramatically changed to a Hillsong Album.  When he brought me my coffee, he gave me five and told me he was dedicating the next hour of music to us!  It was pretty funny.  Then as I went to pay the bill, I asked SIFISO what his plans were for the evening.  He told me he had to catch a ride home after work but really wanted to come be part of the community sometime on a Sunday when he didn’t have to work.

Without interjecting anything, he went on to tell me that he had been hearing some unbelievable stories about the community and just “had to check it out”.  Then he gave me that look that just spoke volumes.  That look that says something like, “dude, I NEED that”.  I invited him to our evening discussion but unfortunately he couldn’t make it.

I’m convinced through my brief interactions with Sifiso (despite being a dumb American and messing up his name) that the joint relational effort of the people in this community have led to this conversation.  All of us passing through, taking time to know his name, hear parts of his story… it’s moving beyond that customer/barista relation into something more.


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