Find Focus…Bring the Kingdom

There has been a theme in my life these past few weeks.  The theme of focus.  What are the important things, the strategic things, the wins of life?  When those things are unclear, we try a million things out and never really become competent on what we were designed for.

I find this is true in many genres of organizations as well.  We see the latest product making a major success, so we things get replicated.  Take Microsoft’s version of the iPod as an example (Zume).  It just never seemed to take off.  I wonder how many millions were lost in the endeavor to be all things?

But what if we recognized that we have specific things to offer the world, or simply, your market audience?  What if as an organization you were made to do one specific thing really great?  Well, I suppose you’d delegate the rest of the stuff you’re trying to add, or just drop it because it’s not important enough for who you are.  The same is true as an individual isn’t it?  How much of our week is made up of stuff that lacks an overall focus?

Focus brings the kingdom…specifically, tangibly, and accurately!  Find yours and may the kingdom come.


2 thoughts on “Find Focus…Bring the Kingdom

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