Off to Cape Town

Starting on Tuesday, the family will be turning it off and heading to Cape Town for 9 days. It’s a much overdue vacation for us coming off a very intense year so far. The timing is pretty amazing as well…
-Joe has the whole week of Labor Day off, so we can literally shut it down that whole time.
-When we get back, Nieu Communities starts a very intensive month called the “Life Compass” where we walk back through and evaluate God’s vision for our individual lives. (all of the staff are going to be going through it again this year it looks like… great tool as we look to realign NC in South Africa)
-After the Life Compass process, our boss Rob will be coming back to begin looking to what our future holds in South Africa.

Please be in prayer the next two months. The vacation will be a complete halt and rest building up into some pretty intense (though very exciting) conversations.

FYI – we will be offline from September 1-10th, and will most likely be taking some of the 11th-13th away from the computer (though I may sneak a few blog posts from my journal while we’re away). See you all on the other side!


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