The Failed Dolphin Rescue

This was too good to wait until we got back to Pretoria and post. The other day, we took the kids to to Cape Point. In the park, there are tons of things to see… views you can’t really capture with photography. One of the spots that blew my mind was Cape of Good Hope. It’s rocky shores with massive waves crashing in captured my heart and reminded me why God gives us vacations. Then something incredibly sad but adrenaline giving happened.

From a distance, I saw some tourists from Singapore running to the water. When I looked over, I thought I saw a shark snapping at them. In utter disbelief (as in, why would ANYONE run TOWARDS a shark), I got closer to see what was going on. At a closer look, what I found was incredibly sad. A dolphin had been injured out at sea, and was swept up into the rocky shore line. I ran to help the other tourists, and in a few failed attempts, we just weren’t able to lift it over the massive boulders it had gotten caught up in. As the dolphin blew its last breath out, we looked out and saw how badly beaten she had been and realized there really was no hope even if we had gotten her off the boulder she was stuck in. The shore line would never have allowed it.

There’s a lot of spiritual stuff you could pull from this. But right now, it’s just a sad… albeit highly random story (me and a handful of tourists from Singapore in Cape Town trying to rescue a wild dolphin? How many people can tell THAT story?).


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