How Peyton Manning ministers to me…

I did something really great for my soul today.  I blocked out my schedule from 3-6 p.m. to get a pizza, a 2 liter of Coke (with some nice sweet cherry syrup) and watched the replay of Monday Night Football game on ESPN International.  That may sound pretty lame that this ministers to my soul, but if you’re from Indy, or just a Colts fan in general, you understand.  I needed that break today.  Life Compass has taken my schedule and basically doubled it.  But if you’ve followed my posts, you’d know I don’t just shut down… my mind keeps going, so here’s something I learned during the game as it relates to some things I’ve been working on.

1.  Teaching pools in churches are probably one of the best things a leader can implement.  I know that many leaders want to hold onto that spot because it’s their prime time to stand before a congregation and give words of direction.  But tonight was a good example of this.  One of the things I’ve been working on is forming an environment where we could transplant Nieu Communities discipleship stuff into local churches.  I had invited a guy, Nick (a theology student at TUKS) to help me in that process some (along with my friend Chris who is an apprentice this year).  Nick has a style very different from mine, and having him in this teaching pool with me gives the church an angle on scripture that is uniquely communicated.
Peyton sort of has his own teaching pool going on (too bad the defense isn’t part of it… wow they’re bad!).  He creates environments on the field for each teammate to shine.  Did you see the last touchdown with that 1st year wide receiver?  PRIME example of a leader creating an opportunity to shine.

2.  Don’t wait for your team to live out your purpose.  Case in point, the Colts have hardly any defense.  Peyton had the ball for less than a quarter, but can score a touchdown in under 15 seconds.  Waiting for the defense to get their game plan going would have resulted in a loss for the organization.  Living out your calling without waiting gets your team down the field.  Granted, if the defense could just do something, I’d have more fingernails on my right hand right now!  For the sake of the kingdom, move and don’t wait.

3.  Watching football with junk food in hand is how God refills my tank.  I need to pay attention to that.  Thanks to the Reverend Manning for ministering to me in ways that are specific and refreshing.

oh… and whose in first place in the AFC South?  BOOOYEAH!!!!


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