October Update

This month’s update involves a few key things.  First, we briefly describe (and show) what we’ve been busy with.  As we’ve written about here, Natalie and I have been working pretty closely with a partner ministry here in SA called Pure Hope.  We’re working hard on plans for next year and our big goal for the year is to launch a permanent missionary team (made up of all South Africans) in the township of Mabopane.

We also discussed where we are in terms of funding.  Last April, we received a pledge card that put our pledged money at 100% of our total need.  However, we have not been receiving 100% of the money pledged.  We come in around $500 short of our pledged money every month.

NOW, with that said… we are committing in January to NOT increasing our needed budget.  However, with the addition of our third child, we’re going to need help filling in the missing gap or things will get really really tight.  If you’d like to join our financial team, please click on the support button on our blog.

For this month’s video update, please see below!!!  God bless!

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