the kid’s and Jesus

We’re getting into that phase of our kid’s lives where they’re starting to understand who Jesus is.  Well, at least Ezra’s getting there.  Yesterday at church, he made a cross with red string on it and said, “This is how Jesus died”.  Then it somehow turned into a rocket ship.  We think this might be his understanding of the ascension!  It’s pretty hilarious right now, but so much incredible fun at the same time!

Then last night, I went to pray with Keziah and she interrupted and said, “Hi Jesus, Bye Jesus!” as she pretended to have a phone to her ear.  Maybe she doesn’t get the whole thing, but the innocence and excitement on both their faces as they spoke about and to God yesterday filled a spot in our hearts.

Somewhere along the way, I lost that excitement and that creativity.  May God grace me with that innocence again this morning.  May His creativity refill my soul.  And may I remember the privileged it is to co-create with Him here!

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