when the purple flowers fall

This is the time of year when the Jacaranda trees of Pretoria bloom their beautiful purple flowers.  Every day, it seems the trees produce more flowers than they can hold, and the purple flowers fall to the ground leaving a purple carpet on the city.

But with when the purple flowers fall, so does the energy of the city.  I was meeting with several people this week who were all saying the same thing.  People are finished for the year!  I’ll tell you what’s even more interesting about this time of the year… as we’re entering into our summer months and people in Pretoria are shutting down for the season, I notice how my email box tilts.  Usually during June through August, I get very limited correspondence from people in the States, but a whole bunch of stuff from people here.  Then around the middle of September, that all shifts!  It’s an interesting adjustment in our year!  I like the change up!

All this to say though, I wonder why it is that we work ourselves to this point of shutting down.  It happens everywhere on the globe.  I wonder what life would look like if we really took sabbath seriously… if we really took the life and rhythm of Jesus seriously.  I wonder if we’d have these extreme feelings of exhaustion if we paid more attention to all of our cylinders of our lives all the time.  Vacation is an important part of refueling our tanks, but I guess I don’t want to get in the habit of living for the weekend or the extended break.  What’s the full life look like all year round?

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