The Next Chapter for Nieu Communities (part 1)

Clarity of Our Mission
Over the past two weeks, Rob Yackley, the founder and director of Nieu Communities (the division in CRM we work with) has been in town.  In many ways, I don’t think any of us really expected to get as much done as happened these last several days.

It all started with a 3 day retreat.  During that time, God really really showed up.  We looked back at our past as a ministry and got some real clarity from God about how to draw closer as a community both to the heart of God and to one another.  That was pretty critical!  We really began to find some places of healing!

But that wasn’t all.  We also came away with some critical changes we feel God has brought to us.  Here they are!

Refocused Audience
We are a mentoring and sending community for South Africans.  Our goal is to mentor and send South Africans into specific missional leadership functions in their home contexts.  Moving in this way changes some things for us.  First, we will change HOW we recruit Americans and other ex-pats.  They will now come to help us accomplish our mission here.  This also leads us towards setting up South African leadership and handing it off.  Natalie and I were REAL keen about that (it’s a pretty high value in our understanding of overseas mission).

Cornerstone of Community
We absolutely MUST find a healthy rhythm as a community.  We believe God has called us to be a mentoring and sending COMMUNITY.  We believe God has wired us as a ministry to do this best through the context of inviting people to join our communal rhythm.  This demands more initiative on our parts to be intentional about developing strong friendships with our neighbors and those we are partnering with in ministries around the city.


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