The Next Chapter for Nieu Communities (part 2)

A Strategic Move
For some time, and from many people throughout CRM, we have come to feel God is calling us out of the Northern part of the city and more towards the heart of it.  This is going to be a long process of praying together as a community and looking at neighborhoods that will help us accomplish our mission more effectively.  One of the keys to this for us is to be in a neighborhood where many of the cultures of South Africa come together in one place.  Please pray with us as we begin identifying that location!

A New Role
Rob came to Natalie and I this past week and told us he felt that God has prepared her and I to take the lead of the community.  That’s quite a task which has left me feeling quite humble.  It’s interesting though, because I feel like up to this point, I’ve been able to operate pretty well in myself and get quite a lot of things accomplished.  As Rob shared with us, I felt this overwhelming sensation that there’s not way I can do THIS on my own.  It has truly shaped my prayer life and how I have interacted with everyone who will be remaining on.  I really believe God has a big vision for our community here.  Bigger than I can do on my own.  Bigger than we can do on our own as a community.  So now we press into the fullness of God and ask Him to reveal the steps we must walk… one day at a time… in sync with His lead and in step with one another.

here we go!


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