some inner discoveries-part 1-stewarding time

I’ve been trying to steer clear of sharing some of my own inner learnings because the purpose of this blog was for other stories.  But this post is pretty important and I think it will have a major impact on work here.  There’s a few things that go with it.

I am a natural connector.  I meet people all the time and the first place my mind goes is how they might love something else I know about or someone else I know.  HOWEVER, what I’m learning now is that I don’t need to connect with every person I meet.  This leads to this other discovery.

We’re all busy.  Or maybe we think we’re busy.  But the key discovery for me, it’s not about whether I’m too busy for someone or not, it’s about stewardship.  There are really critical relationships in my life, that when gone unattended will whither up… then what’s the point of all this anyway?  It’s not that other people aren’t important, but before I take on anything new, I want to answer the questions: how is my soul being cared for right now?  how is Natalie’s heart feeling right now?  how are the kids’ hearts feeling right now?  what is the reserve after those questions are answered?  THAT’S what other’s get now.  This is a switch that I am journeying towards more and more now.

This one is real hard for a guy like me.  I’m a natural connector which comes with some natural dangers.  The Liar wants to rob me of life and joy.  I’m onto the lie and while it may feel like I’m just too busy, that’s really not it… it’s becoming a steward of the precious and giving my excess where I can build sustainable relationships.  Not all relationships can become things I can give to fully, and I need to be careful about what I allow into my week.  My tendency is to buy the lie and up my schedule.  We all have capacity!  I’m committing to creating margin into mine.


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