some inner discoveries-part 2-creativity

The other most recent discovery is kind of a fun one.  I’m also a drummer.  I used to get the most life in my week when my buddy Chris and I would jam together.  Now my drums are really far away and I just haven’t found anyone to jam with.  I discovered that I am actually creative, and that’s an important outlet for me that’s been starved.  I think I denied it a long time here because I was grieving the loss of something precious to me.  I’m finally into the state of acceptance and I think God is meeting me in that.

I’m working on a written newsletter that we’d like to mail out to those who we figure would prefer something like that.  In switching to video updates, I forgot how much I miss writing!  The other part of this is photography.  I’ve been watching a few apprentices this year discover their new found love and talent in photography and I thought it looked like fun.  So I’ve started exploring this new medium by taking family pictures and manipulating them to look really really rad.  What’s in this?

I think the main thing I’ve noticed as I’ve begun looking at this medium is that it speaks to my heart for my family.  I want the world to see my family beautiful and vibrant the way I see them.  In some ways, I want to promote them.  I feel like this process has also given me this neat way of drawing things out of them that are beautiful.  As I draw out the sharpness of a picture, I find myself thinking better ways to interact with with them so as to help them  in their growth.

So without further ado, here’s the link to a few of those moments.


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