Anticipation for 2010 part 1

Wanted to start a series of blogs that look ahead to the year about what we have coming up.  It’s really hard to express the amount of excitement I have in my heart right now, so just picture a little kid hyped up on pixie stix running around in circles in a room filled with balloons… that’s me… and Ezra on any given afternoon ;).

Part 1 – A baby is coming!!!  Any minute now, this baby can pop into the world screaming at the top of its lungs “I’M ALIVE AND I’M BEAUTIFUL!!!”  In my heart, this baby has been a bit of a miracle… not to discount Ezra or Keziah which were also pretty spectacular!  A few months ago, the baby was breech.  That was a bit hard to hear so far from anything medically familiar.  Granted that happens all the time, I’m no expert in the field, so my mind went to bad places.

Then Natalie’s blood pressure started going up last week resulting in us doing a midnight run to the Academic Hospital in a rain storm.  That’s not my idea of fun excitement.  But her blood pressure just went down.  It went down, and it’s been down.  She has to slow down a lot now, but she would have to anyway.  THAT’S the miracle.  With Ezra, she was on bed rest for 2 weeks with the high bp.  We went in today, and the doc told us everything is 100% ready for natural delivery.  Blew my mind, which is still catching up from the late night a few nights ago!

Praise God, I’m filled with anticipation for the addition to the family!!!  Keep your eye on Facebook updates, as I’ll try update status updates from my cell phone (if there’s coverage).


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