Anticipation for 2010 part 4

One of the things I’ve discovered in the last 2 years about my make up is that I feel pretty alive when I’m in the process of birthing new ministries.  From concert outreach ministries to small groups, I’ve consistently found myself in environments of creating ministry.  That’s why a partnership with Pure Hope makes 100% sense to me.

Helping mobilize South Africans for permanent ministry roles in their home context, Pure Hope is getting into the business of building sustainable ministry.  Think about it, those of you who are reading this are in one way or another, partnering with us in ministry.  Can you even fathom what we get to be part of here?  We get to work with some of the most brilliant minds in Pretoria to essentially, build a missions agency for South African missionaries.  Can you even fathom the extension of God’s grace that will extend across this area because of that?  Names we may never even know about that God will touch and draw Himself towards… friends, THIS is why we’re here!

Can you tell I’m excited?  We all should be excited!!!

Ways you can be in prayer in 2010 for Pure Hope…

-that the people we are training would catch the larger vision for what God is doing in South Africa
-that these people could learn to hear God accurately and move into the avenues He’s calling them to move towards
-that the leadership team would learn quickly from the inevitable mistakes we will make together
-that the horizon of South Africa will look differently because God’s people are on the move


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