Malachi the Miracle

I don’t know how to express my deep gratitude to everyone for following our status updates during Malachi’s birth process.  Natalie will hopefully post a note soon to describe this from her vantage point, but thought I’d give you some of the story and my take on the time.

We went into the birthing center on Sunday night with some mild contractions.  After a while of that, we started to rest some.  Monday morning, Nat’s contractions started spreading out a LOT more, so they sent us home.  Through the day, we rested up.  Then Monday night around 7ish, the contractions picked up… BIG time.  I tried calling our Doula (birthing coach) and she wouldn’t answer her phone… for like 40 minutes.  I called the midwife (the one delivering the baby) instead to see if I could just bring Nat back in.  They had to unlock the unit to let us in for it.  FINALLY, around 9 p.m., we got everything sorted out with the birthing team and took off for the hospital.

We got to the birthing unit around 9:30.  Nat was really contracting like crazy.  We got her into the bathtub where she labored for maybe 25 more minutes before Malachi came out.  That’s when things got scary.

The umbilical cord was around his neck which, I mean, that’s major, but it’s not UNCOMMON… and it wasn’t really that tight.  I still freaked out.  But then I looked down and saw a knot in the cord.  THEN I FREAKED.  The midwife’s face was less than comforting.  That was the worst 5 seconds of my life.  She helped me pull him up to Natalie (yeah, I got to catch him in the water!!!)  and everything was just… fine.  100% fine!

Later on, the midwife, Heather, told us that knots in cords happens 1% of the time often leading to Cerebral Palsy, or death… usually death.

Crying as I write this.  The range of emotions in that short span of time… I attribute the life my son screamed out last night to the countless friends and family in prayer with us through the process.  SO thankful for things like Twitter, Facebook & Skype… and so grateful for the amazing friends and family we have in SA who have been raining down love on us the last 24 hours.  Meals for the entire week already set up.

We love and cherish all of you.  Thank you so much for your constant love and support!


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