“Random” Gosepl Sharing

During a regularly scheduled teaching session with the 2010 Pure Hope team today, something interesting happened.  There have been 3 girls from Norway visiting their team and sitting in with us during the training portions of the week.  This week we have been dealing with people’s old identities that were defined by the world and their new identities in Christ.  We’ve been wrestling with issues of what it means to not only identify our true selves with Jesus but also how to help others identify THEIR identities with Christ.

Little did I know that two of the Norwegians actually don’t know Jesus at all.

The first half of the conversation centered around studying a few key scripture references that deal with how God views his people.  The latter half was a dialog about what everyone discovered and how THOSE words in the scripture are our TRUE identities.  The false words (things like, “I must perform to be loved,” or “if I’m bad, then they’ll notice me”) are the way the world systems work.  The new words are the way Jesus works, and He wants the entire world system to be changed.

What got me most intrigued by today’s time with everyone was that it was the first time I actually had these two girls’ full attention.  Before it was something they just sat through.  Today, they were nodding in agreement.  After the time, they were dialoging with their Christian friend about it.  All the while, this Pure Hope team has been embodying the gospel of Jesus in the way they love and serve one another and those they are ministering to in the townships.

This was a good representation of how many different types of involvement are needed for the gospel to penetrate a heart.  People need to see it, feel it, hear it, comprehend it.  This is the beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ isn’t it?  It’s a living, breathing thing… not just some concept people buy into, but a life style that changes everything.

May God’s kingdom penetrate their hearts the remainder of the time they are journeying with Pure Hope and the Nieu Communities crew!


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