Facing Our (False) Identities

“We’ve been deceived.  All of us have bought into lies about who we really are and we’re going to work together to dismantle these lies.”  This was the opening line I shared with the Pure Hope team during our opening weeks this year.  Little did I know then what God wanted to reveal to us over the course of this opening month or so.

This team of young Afrikaaners is facing some very difficult questions they have never been confronted with before.  Questions of their heritage and the identity that comes with being a white South African… and even more, what it means to be an Afrikaaner South African!  Questions about race, relationships with the poor, with each other, etc… so many questions are being stirred up.

As we are walking with these folks through some of this, a great deal of things are being stirred up in me.  And here is what I’m realizing:

The false identity of others greatly speaks into the formation of my own false identity.  I guess what I’m suggesting is that we all have varying degrees of masks we have formed over the course of our lives.  Some are very blatant (i.e., Joe is obviously a work-a-holic and he finds some kind of identity in that… he needs healed).  But other parts of our make up are really deeply hidden.  I’m noticing that as I walk with this Pure Hope team some of my deeply hidden masks are being unveiled and I’m not sure the root cause of them.

Praise God that in community, all of our sins can be revealed and we can find ultimate freedom in Christ!  I know the process of uncovering our true identity is painful.  We MUST shed our old identities, crucify them in fact, and claim our inheritance as children of God.

Please continue to pray for these teamsters as things have quickly become very revealing and scary. God is deeply at work in their hearts, and their faithfulness to remain in the process will have direct results on the ministry we do in various parts of Pretoria together.


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