Transitional Rhythm Keeping

I’m on a kick right now… I’ve been CRAVING my drum set which is trapped back in the US.  I found a few guys here who might be interested in jamming with me, and I’m thinking it’s time just to sell my kit back home so I can get one here.  (So if you’re interested, let me know!).  But along with this, I’ve been having some interesting prayer times and wanted to share something that’s come up.

As you all know, we’ve been in the process of making a move from Pretoria North into the city since early October 2009.  It’s almost March now, and while I have a few really great prospects, I can’t actually make a move on anything until our team gets back here March 11th.  On top of that, one of the properties wouldn’t be ready for us until August 1 at the earliest.  No big deal right?

I thought so too, but the longer we’ve been in this transition, the more I realize how much life transitions can take a toll on you and those around you.  We had Malachi last month while still in the thick of considering this move.  These are some seriously enormous changes that are lingering around us with no real certainty as to when it will come to an end.

Something about drumming is that you are the glue that keeps the band together when a song makes a transition.  You MUST keep the rhythmic pattern through the transition, or things start falling apart.  Same thing is true here.  I’ve noticed that my rhythm is a little wacked out.  Malachi’s sleep schedule dictates that some, the older kids’ dealing with the transition affects it, but these can’t remain excuses anymore.  SOMEWHERE in the deep part of my soul, I NEED to find the steady rhythm.

Lent helps me with that.  I’ve been focusing on praying in the morning, the afternoon, and the evening set times.  The discipline and the structure noticeably helps me get back in line with the larger song God is writing here.

May all of us in transition rest in a rhythmic/spiritual baseline and realize the tune is changing and this period will resolve to a better beginning in just the right time!


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