Bringing Africa to America

One of our dreams for South Africa is coming true this October & November. We’re bringing our first team of South Africans BACK to America for a missions trip. Missions to America you say? Absolutely. Here’s some thoughts I’d like to present to you, our friends and family… our support team in general.

1. I want you to realize that you are partnering with something bigger than the Reed family. The folks I’m bringing are world changers and we get to serve them and help send them into full time ministry. Your impact is being multiplied through the folks we’re going to introduce you to. I think it’s only sensible that we officially introduce you to a few folks in person. Relationships are CRITICAL parts of this process, and we’re excited to bridge some of this.

2. I think there is something very profound to hear an outsider’s perspective on your own context. One of the things we’ve learned here is that being “new” can help those who want to listen to your first impressions of a culture. I think our friends’ perspective on Huntington will prove to be an invaluable asset to the ongoing growth of God’s work in Huntington (and Jackson, MI).

3. One of our dreams here was to help create ways to move South Africans into sustainable mission. Preferably, I’d like to see that happening in and around South Africa, Africa, then wherever else… but honestly, a global perspective is critical to their growth and development just as it is for us.

4. Let’s face it… America isn’t a perfect/fully Jesus following nations. It is one of the most influential (if not most influential) countries in the world. It seems very strategic to reach out to America and send missionaries back in to support local churches, non profits, and other kingdom efforts.

5. I love our friends very deeply. Everyday I get to spend with those who will be coming deeply enriches my life. I wouldn’t want you to miss out on the enrichment of knowing these beautiful people of God.

As more details are put together, we’ll be sure to pass that along to you all. We’ll be trying to do some speaking engagements (involving story telling primarily) as well as working with some other sectors in Huntington and Jackson, MI. Stay tuned for more details!!!


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